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Team Work at Lubrimaxxx is of the utter most importance to ensure fast, efficient, reliable and correct product delivery to all our customers and clients.

Karel Vermeulen
Founder / Onwer of Lubrimaxxx
Founder / Developer & Owner of Karl de L’Eau Natural Skincare Founder / Developer & Owner of Lubrimaxxx Personal Lubricant Silent Partner in Continuum Coffee Shop Cape Town Successful Business Read More
Abeda Adler
Personal Assistant to Director and Office Management
Abeda Adler is the glue that keeps Team Lubrimaxxx together. She is hard working, dedicated, loyal and a valuable asset to the company.
Jackie Noke
Founder and Owner at Pennyworth Accounting Services.

Frequently Asked Questions


It is non-toxic and completely edible, and the texture is subtle.


Does the lube work as a lube with electro-stimulation toys?
Electro-stimulation toys and gadgets (such as the ones sold by Paradise Electro Stimulations) have specific needs associated with their lubricants. The lubricant needs to enhance electrical conductivity as opposed to insulating against it, which means that in general water based lubricants are fine. Silicone oils, mineral oils, and things of that sort are not definitely not usable in that application.lubrimaxxx, being water based, meets the criteria as specified by those manufacturers of a usable lubricant.

I decided to conduct some tests. What I have found is that yes, it does work in that application, and it is one of the best choices.
lubrimaxxx is designed to enhance the conductivity of the mixture, and not hinder it more than anything else as it forms a thin barrier between the electrode and the skin.

  • You are investing in your and your partner’s sexual health
  • One of the safest water-based sexual lubricants globally (results published in South African Medical Journal 14/01/2014)
  • It is affordable, longer lasting and a trustworthy product
  • Proudly developed & manufactured in South Africa
  • Lubrimaxxx adds value to your life