Selection Pack: For the truly adventerous

R155.00 Inc. 15% Tax

One pack of each flavor. 3 Condoms per Pack. 6 Different Flavors

Triple your Fun and Pleasure. Use together with Lubrimaxxx™ Personal Lubricant for safer and longer lasting pleasure.  All our condoms are manufactured and accredited to the highest and strictest of tests.



Contains 6 different flavours. One pack of each flavour. 3 Condoms per Pack.

For the super stud in you, this pack will last you a month. If you are a semi-super stud this pack will last you 2 months and if you are a lazy stud this pack will last you 6 months.

ISO13485:2003             .
FDA Approved
SABS Approved
CE Registered

Additional information

Weight 96 g
Dimensions 95 × 65 × 1400 mm


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