Every Couples Gateway to the Safest and Longest Lasting Pleasure Ever!

Lubrimaxxx™ is among the wold’s highest rated lubricants in the world.
Lubrimaxxx™ uniquely water-based lubricant is proven to prevent toxic exposure that is common with petroleum-based lubricants.
Lubrimaxxx™ condoms are the world’s #1 safest sex and pregnancy preventer.


  • Our lubricant is 100% organic, gluten-free & fat-free
  • Lubrimaxxx™ is amongst the highest rated and safest water-based lubricants in the World
  • Uniquely water-based that is proven to prevent toxic exposure, eliminates pain and discomfort
  • Condom and Latex Safe
  • Closest to Human Cell Osmolality
  • Non-Staining and Non-Toxic
  • Edible – Safe
  • Laboratory and Clinically Tested
  • Each batch manufactured tested for TMA (Total Microbial Activity) before packaged
  • No-Irritability
  • Oral, Vaginal and Anal Safe
  • Colourless