What Some Of Our Customers Are Saying

"Having been contracted by Lubrimaxxx on a few occasions in establishing their warehouse and office setting.  We as the OTG team wish to acknowledge Lubrimaxxx and its staff as follows:

Thank you for your professional, organized and structured manner in dealing with us as your clients.  Your level of professionalism and the high level of integrity was a breath of fresh air in a sometimes pressured and unprofessional business society. Karel your open heart toward not only the business sector but also your desire to see Lubrimaxxx give back to society in upliftment and assistance where possible needs to be applauded.  Having said this, anyone visiting Lubrimaxxx on-site or doing business with the company can be assured of a high-level friendliness, help fullness, and a very professional execution when doing business. Thank you, Karel and your team."

~ Trevor Kidwell

"Broncho Investments has been in a commercial relationship with Lubrimaxxx even since its establishment a number of years ago when the business was still in its infancy and operated as a single person operation from humble premises. We have witnessed the business grow through sheer hard work and dedication by Karel Vermeulen.

The product Lubrimaxxx is of the highest quality and can compete on a similar level internationally with similar and more established products.  Lubrimaxxx has a unique customer relations approach which has made us feel especially valued as one of its smaller clients.  Karel’s personal, speedy and hands-on approach to his customers has far surpassed our expectations.  We look forward to a continued business relationship with Lubrimaxxx under the direction of Karel Vermeulen."

~ Francois Potgieter / A Hanekom


"I would just like to thank you once again for introducing my wife and me to your amazing product. Lubrimaxx is such a pleasure to use in every way possible. Your product didn’t just spice up our sex life, we both use it to shave as well and with my wife’s sensitive skin she no longer gets any rash on her legs. You are a blessing in disguise and I wish you and your company all the best."

~ Adriaan du Plessis

Ubunto Technologies

"As you know Wild Candy SA is an online store for adult toys and entertainment.  Almost all our items we sell are imported.  it is refreshing to be associated with Lubrimaxxx and to be able to offer a world-class product that is truly South African to our clients.  keep up the good work!"

~ Hentie Blignaut

Owner, Wild Candy Adult Online Shop

"One thinks when they hear sex or lubricant one sends to back off because we as South African’s are very conservative. and always tend to think the worst.  I met the owner of Lubrimaxxx, Karel Vermeulen through a friend. Right off the bat, we started chatting, Karel is a very likable person with a great vision for health awareness in South Africa.

Bodybuilding and Fitness along with our partners host an array fo fitness events all over South Africa,  Karel and I got talking about sexual health awareness in the industry.  We were privileged enough to for Lubrimaxxx to sponsor our health and fitness events since 2014 bringing much-needed funding to our events.  Lubrimaxxx contribution has not only brought great financial relief in us hosting our shows but has also brought the awareness of sexual health to athletes and spectators.  Supporting the industry to its fullest not only with my shows but also helping athlete individually in reaching their dreams.  Our entire team at BBFSA are truly thankful for all the support that Lubrimaxxx has given us in making our sport great and bringing much-needed awareness in the passport to pleasure."

~ Kevin Swartz

"I personally know Karel.  Over the past few years not only has he been a member of my Fitness Studio.  Karel has been committed to being about health and fitness. I’ve watched Karel build his brand bigger and bigger from when he had nothing, this man has built his brand and is has gone from strength to strength yet no matter how big his brand has grown his heart has remained huge, always being the very first man to help any struggling cause, being it n athlete or a human in need, this man without reservation or hesitation always counts his blessings and remains humble.  I nominate Karel because if every small business remains grounded and always commits to helping other while they climbing the ladder of success then they simply paying it forward and after all I have come to realize that as a small business owner it’s not about creating followers but creating LEADERS."

~ Shaye Lotriet Best

"I have known Karel Vermeulen for many years and in all that he has done as an honest, loyal and hardworking man and thus utilized those beautiful qualities embedding them into the foundations of Lubrimaxxx.  Lubrimaxxx has been one of the fastest growing companies I have seen, which already is a hard task to manage properly and requires much skills and patience however Karel truly has the talents and skills to stabilize it using all the tools to energize the staff and delegate efficiently, while walking a road with them enabling them to mature and grow.  I have seen him in the good and the bad and he as integrity and strength that has made in my eyes a solid company that will only continue to soar."

~ Trevor Kidwell

Owner, Haloweb

"Karel Vermeulen is not only a business friend but a family friend.  They say in life you have a number of buddies, but only a hand full of friends-Karel definitely counts as a dear and close friend.  Through months of hard work and dedication, Karel has entered the South African market with a boom.  He is a successful entrepreneur today who followed his dream of making a difference and being adamant in making a success.

Being tremendously successful he has also given back to the community on so many different levels. Karel is a true example of a man whose goal in business is not just making a success but also giving back and sharing his success with friends, family and the community."

~ Herman de Bruyn

School Teacher,

"I am a pharmacist, and on a business trip to Cape Town some 6 months back, I first met with Mr. Vermeulen to discuss the sale of Lubrimaxxx products in KwaZulu-Natal South Africa.  From that first meeting, I knew that I was dealing with a young entrepreneur who believed in his products and the company he represented.  Since that first meeting, we now have four happy pharmacies and one Adult shop, selling Lubrimaxxx Lubricating jelly . . . and more recently, stocking their range of condoms.  We now have the KZN coast covered from Scottburgh to Margate.  Each of these shops is now ordering directly with Lubrimaxxx and have only the best to say about how efficiently the orders are executed, and swiftly couriered to their destination.  Mr. Vermeulen follows up on the orders and regularly telephones the buyers to check on stock levels and deals with any inquiries.  He is personally involved with every transaction, no matter how small.

When dealing with sensitive products, such as the lubricating jelly and the condoms, one has to be very sensitive to the purchaser and his customers…Karel Vermeulen handles this situation with aplomb!!!"

~ Graeme White


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