Lubrimaxxx has uncovered the sexy secrets of why couples are happy. We all have secrets, some secrets we keep from our closest friends, but some secrets need to be shared between each other in a trusted and respected environment. This ensures that you both are fulfilled in your sexual relationship.

What are these 10 Happy Couple’s Secrets?

Secret #1: They talk about their sexual health

Secret #2: They share their sexual health as that is important to them

Secret #3: They are open about their sexual health & history

Secret #4: They share their deepest sexual wants & desires

Secret #5: Age has no limit on their sexual health

Secret #6: Love each other regardless of any sexual limitations

Secret #7: Devote quality time for each other

Secret #8: Are not afraid to explore their sexuality and push their boundaries

Secret #9: Respect and know that sometimes one has the need for alone solo time

Secret #10: What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom