New Personal Lubricant Taking The Market By Storm!


The best number 1 global personal Lubricant LUBRIMAXXX™is taking the personal lubricant market by storm! 

A unique water-based personal lubricant specifically formulated, and laboratory tested to promote prolonged intimate and save sexual pleasure for both men and women.  A brand-new product only launched in December 2011 in Cape Town; we are already in negotiation to export to the USA as well as Europe. LUBRIMAXXX™ is proudly Cape Town-based, formulated and manufactured.

Our product has been clinically laboratory tested by Advance Instruments in Boston USA for cell Osmolality safety and rated one of the best and safest lubricants closest to human cell osmolality through an independent blind study done by Anova Health Institute Cape Town. A biocompatibility test for human safety was conducted by Pacific Laboratories, USA. Needless to say, that we had passed all these tests with flying colours! Thus, we received the green light to continue with our marketing and delivering a trusted lube brand.  This means that LUBRIMAXXX™ is the best water-based lubricant current on the market.  Our logo: Always play it SAVE with a condom and Lubrimaxxx personal Lubricant speak volumes for who and what we stand for.

We believe in delivering a high quality, trustworthy reliable and cost-effective product to all our customers and clients. Our product has come out top of the range for quality assessment as well as the best South African product for Osmolality safety and second best to our international competitors. Our flavored lubricant is available in a fruity strawberry flavor and a favorite amongst women!

Whether you are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual or whatever your sexual orientation, our lube will satisfy your deepest, darkest and playful sexual desires. Lubrimaxxx is completely safe to use on its own like in masturbation, vaginal intercourse or anal intercourse as well as with sex toys. Although it was water-based, it does not stain your linen and washes off very easily. Not like silicon lube that tends to add a lot of frustration when it comes to cleaning up after a night of blissful hot sex.

Many men are ashamed to admit that they would like to use a sexual lubricant when it comes to intercourse or self-pleasure. We at Lubrimaxxx believe that our men need to be educated. With knowledge comes power. It is selfish to think that you do not need the use of a lubricant in bed. Have you ever thought of your partner’s sexual needs? Many women suffer from vaginal dryness thus making intercourse very painful. Certain medications, stress, hormonal imbalances, certain contraceptives as well as menopause are mostly and common causes for woman to experience a dry spell where it matters the most. And then sex becomes very painful. No wonder the phrase “not tonight honey, I have a headache”.

Even some men experience dryness from the penis head when they get aroused contributing to painful masturbation and painful intercourse. The culprits for our men are high levels of continued stress, excessive smoking and alcohol intake and even certain medications for high blood pressure and diabetes. Resulting in low libido, dry spells affecting our manhood, ego, self-esteem, and confidence. And this can all lead to the nasty depression. So, we have come up with the solution – personal lubricant! Why not give it a try? You will find that not only you, also your partner will be very happy, leaving and begging you for more sex! And more sex is what many of us desires, isn’t it?

You can find us on our website as well as on Facebook under the names Lubrimaxxx personal lubricant and Lubrimaxxx USA as well as your nearest adult shop and certain online sex shops if you are a bit too shy to be seen walking in an adult shop with a goody bag full of anticipating pleasure.

Our success to date:

  1. We have successfully been the sole supplier for Health4Men (Anova Health Institute) since January 2012 with more than 1 million branded sachets, IPAC-SA with 247 000 branded 10ml sachets for their Mosaic Men’s Health Initiative in June 2012. We have been rewarded a supply contract with SWEAT (Sex Worker Education & Advocacy Taskforce), Tel 021-448-7875 Dr. Gordon Isaacs in August 2012. We have supplied them with 30 000 branded 5ml sachets as well as 10 000 (50ml) branded lubricant bottles.
  2. Family Health has placed an order for 90 000 branded bottles (50ml each) in August 2012.
  3. The Makarere University Walter Reed Project, Uganda (Mr. Peter Mutebi, Tel:  +256 312 330 400) had ordered 1000 sachets (5ml/sachets in January 2013), and a further 3000 sachets in May 2013
  4. OUT Men’s Project, we have supplied them with 12 000 personalised sachets at 10ml/sachet in April 2013.
  5. Hot House Steam & Leisure, Cape Town, 19 Jarvis Street, De Waterkant, ( 200ml bottles as well as 5ml sachets.
  6. Boyzone Adult Shop, Amsterdam Bar, Cape Town,, orders 200ml bottles.
  7. Jockstrap Online shopping ( also orders 200ml bottles.
  8. LUBRIMAXXX™USA, ( will be launched soon.

Benefits of LUBRIMAXXX™

  1. Longer LastingNon-stickyNon-stainingQuick & Easy to use battle medical tested for osmolality safety water-based condom and Latex safeOral Save

Benefits of LUBRIMAXXX™ 200ml Bottle

  1. Unique sexy registered design – no other bottle looks like Lubrimaxxx
    1. Fits perfect in any hand without slipping even when wet from the lube
      1. Cap is leak, pressure & tampered proof
      1. The bottle can double up as a dildo
      1. The bottle is biodegradable (environmental safety)

Visit our website for our monthly specials as well as for up-and-coming new added products to serve you the best and aiding to fulfill all your safe sexual fantasies. We welcome all distributors, online stores, pharmacies and independent sales representatives who would love to join our Lubrimaxxx family. You are welcome to write to us regarding your feedback, comments and or suggestions to [email protected].

Written and compiled by the developer and owner of Lubrimaxxx personal lubricant: Karel Vermeulen.